A Brief History Of HCT

The aim of Halton Community Transport has always been clear and unwavering: to provide safe, affordable, comfortable and accessible transport to both individuals and community-registered groups with special transport needs in the Halton area.

For these reasons, Halton Community Transport was formed in 1990, when three enthusiastic and committed volunteers created a community car scheme to drive people with disabilities who did not have ready access to public transport.

Company Status, Expansion & Amalgamation

By 1994, the scheme had grown sufficiently to warrant company status, so Halton Community Transport was formed as a non-profit making company limited by guarantee. As our organisation grew, we expanded our services to include minibus hire – and in 1999, after Halton Authority gained unitary status, we amalgamated with Halton Dial-a-Ride and Women’s Safe Transport, both of which had been run by Cheshire County Council. We’ve grown rapidly in the last three years, as a result of innovative and successful new management techniques – and thanks to an SRB grant in July 2001.This much needed financial support has enabled us to purchase five new minibus vehicles with wheelchair access, and these are now kept at our new premises and transport depot in Ditton Road, Widnes.

HCT’s Impact On The Local Community

We enable elderly and disabled individuals to engage in a positive way with their local community by means of safe, affordable and accessible transport.

We provide local community groups with safe, affordable and accessible transport which allows them attend events throughout the country, so that they can develop a variety of skills and bring them into our local community.

We are committed to recruiting and employing local people within our organisation.

Our success is reliant on the excellent job our voluntary workers carry out and we are committed to increasing the number of volunteers working here.

We are committed to increasing transport provision for individuals with reduced mobility.

We are committed to attracting and developing funding streams necessary to develop this growing social enterprise.

If you require assistance, our qualified staff will provide you with expert guidance.